Children of Atlantis

Guardian of Atlantis
 Book 1

Raven Weir has never been a normal teenager, yet she just wants to do normal teen stuff like have friends and go on dates, but she has a destiny--a destiny that makes itself known on her sixteenth birthday, when she receives a mysterious necklace containing the key codes to the legendary Atlantis, a city of ultimate power.

Whoever controls Atlantis has the power to rule the world, and Zeus will stop at nothing to gain control of Atlantis, but he's not alone in his quest for world domination. Others want Atlantis too, and are willing to do anything to get it.

Raven quickly discovers being the Guardian of Atlantis is least of her problems. Her mom has disappeared, her history teacher and a crazed Hell Hound are trying to kill her, she's being chased by government agents, a trio of nymphs has sworn to protect her, and then Raven discovers the true identity of her biological parents.

Now Raven must decide what she is willing to sacrifice in order to fulfill her destiny, keep the people she cares about safe, and save the world.

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Wrath of Hades
Book 2

Hades needs people to suffer.
He wants revenge.

Hades craves the power of Atlantis.
He wants Raven's soul back.

And Hades will do everything he can to rip Raven's world apart in order to get what he wants.
But Hades should not underestimate Raven's strength or her determination to protect the people around her.

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Warrior of Atlantis
Book 3

Raven Weir is the daughter of Poseidon and Medusa.  

Raven Weir is the Guardian of Atlantis, the one who stands between the gods and a power that could destroy this world. She is a target for anyone who wants that power.

Raven knows the Byssolarian who kidnapped her is not the brains of the operation, but he is power hungry and dangerous. To get the power he desires, he is willing to destroy everything and everyone standing in his way, including his own people and their underwater city.

He must be stopped.

Raven knows she has to protect the Byssolarians, but what will she have to sacrifice in order to do so?

Will she be able to protect her heart from the Byssolarian warrior who wants to claim it?

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